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 Server L2Xos-Ros HIGH FIVE X1000 APERTURA HOY 25/11/2013

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Cantidad de envíos : 2
Fecha de inscripción : 25/08/2012

MensajeTema: Server L2Xos-Ros HIGH FIVE X1000 APERTURA HOY 25/11/2013   Lun Oct 07, 2013 1:05 pm

2013-2014 Apertura oficial

Rates x1000
Exp x1000
Party Exp/Sp x1000
Boss Drop Retail
Scheme Buffer
Buff Time 2 Horas
Max Buff/Dances 33+6/16
Enchant Rate – Safe +3 - Max +18
Scroll Normal 66%
Scroll Blessed 100%
Scroll Acient 100%
Elemento Max LvL 4 100 %

Vote Shop
Full Pets
Items Especiales
Cloacks GoD
Armors GoD
Weapons GoD
Jewels GoD

Warehouse – Clan&SubclassManager
SymbolMaker – ClanFameTrader
PvP/Pk Manager – Augment Chance
Augment Seguro – Vote Shop
Nobles Manager – Rank Hero - GmShop Full
GateKeeper Global – Npc Vote Reward Hopzone – Topzone

H5 Features Working
All High Five zones are working.
All High Five quests are working including Seven Signs series.
Many High Five features are working.
High Five skills working 100% retail.
Resist formulas are retail-like (not like the other ordinary servers)

Territory Wars
Town Wars
Siegable Clanhalls
Seed of Infinity
Seed of Destruction
Seed of Anihilation

Chamber of Delusion
Seed of Destruction
Seed of Infinity
Kamaloka instaces
Pailaka instances
Crystal Caverns
Tower of Naia
Steel Citadel
Tully's Workshop
Hellbound Town
Dark Cloud Mansion
Zaken easy and hard
Freya easy and hard

Team vs Team
Capture the flag
Mass Domination
Last man standing
Advanced Team vs Team
Lucky chests
Treasure hunt
Thunt pvp
Hunting grounds
PK Event

Vote reward system Highly secured Individual (npc and command)
Pc Bang Points
PvP/Pk Title/Name system
Alternative payment system(for shops like paying with gold bars etc)
Private Shop Distance System
Custom Announcements Settings
Alternative Clan Leader System
Augment Custom System
Distribute Items System
Custom skill enchant system
Run of exp item bonus
Starting title (on new created chars)
Restriction for Blink - rush skills while rooted
Premium accounts
Auto restart Gameserver
Auto restart Login server
Auto Back-up Manager
PvP Custom community board
Killing spree system
Achievement Manager
Balance system
Custom FlagZone
Rank Pvp
Custom tempe Olys
Olympiad antifeed
Subclass restriction (antibug system implemented)
Phoenix event engine implemented (Players can vote for event)
Seven Signs quests implemented
Equipment Restriction [ Armos - Weapons ]

EasyChampions - HardChampions
Announce Castle Lords On Login
Announce Heros On Login
Announce boss spawn
Localitation VoiceCommand
Citys : ,aden .giran .gludin etc.
.valakas .zaken etc.
.castlemanager .event .infor .expon .expoff .xpon .xpoff .repair
.buffer (for Premium)

Staff : [Admin]Ros

SYSTEM : http://l2xos-ros.com/download/system.zip
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Server L2Xos-Ros HIGH FIVE X1000 APERTURA HOY 25/11/2013
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