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 Lineage 2 D!E x50 High Five

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MensajeTema: Lineage 2 D!E x50 High Five   Mar Ago 27, 2013 9:28 am

Web site: lineage2die.com

this is all features

Xp x50
Sp x50
Adena x500
DropItems x4
DropSpoil x4
Extractable x2
HellboundTrustIncrease x2
HellboundTrustDecrease x2
QuestDrop x3
QuestRewardXp x2
QuestRewardSp x2
QuestReward x3
DropD!EFarm x1
VitalityLevel1 x1.7
VitalityLevel2 x2.2
VitalityLevel3 x2.7
VitalityLevel4 x3.5
PetXp x2
PetFood x2
SinEaterXp x2

Time:20 min. count:12
Special Buff for Example: Chant of Victory or Gift of Queen
Time:20 min.
Time: 1 hour count:20
Dance/Song + Others buff = 32 + 2 passive skill od noblesse and castle armor +4 Divine Inspiration

Asedio Castle: Every two week
Territory War: Every two Week
Fortress Asedio: Enabled
Shop Castle Added
in this shop is sellable set armor with same stat the armature elegia
but with enchantment +6 and passive skill Lv 2 add slot buff
The time of duration asedio castle is 2 hour

=============== Rank PvP System ==============
This system is to control the feed in pvp.
reward for pvp
use comman .pvpinfo to know what is the success achieved
and what is the prize you can get for it.
The title and the name of the char change as
it reaches a new record.
The pvp char made from the same IP will not be counted

=============== Grand Boss ==============
Ant Queen: Worked /Day Spawn: 1-2
Orfen: Worked /Day Spawn: 1-2
Core: Worked /Day Spawn: 1-2
Zaken day/night: worked /Day Spawn: 2-3
Baium: Worked /Day Spawn: 3-4
Antharas: Worked /Day Spawn: 3-4
Valakas: Worked /Day Spawn: 4-5
Bylor: Worked /Day Spawn: 3-4
Beleth all instances: Worked /Day Spawn: 1-2
Frintezza: Worked /Day Spawn: 4-5
Easy Freya: Worked
Hard Core Freya: Worked /Day Spawn: 5-6

Big boss accessories
only be achieved by drop raid

=============== Event Engine ==============
This server has two events motors
* PS L2 Events:
Death Match, Domination, Double Domination,
Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests,
Team vs Team, VIP Team vs Team, Zombie,
Capture the Flag, Russian Roultte, Bomb Fight,
Mutant, Battlefield, Simon Says.

order to participate in this event
you can run the command .event
it will open a panel in which you vote
by the event one you like
During the end of the voting
the event to register the highest number of votes
be enabled, then you may register for
participate in the event, using the same command. event
you can choose the buffer list to use for this event
At the end of the event the winner or winners will receive a set of items
among them we have one added to the server named:
Box D!E Armor and weapon: this item randomly allow
get a bless enchant item as the case from grade D to grade S,
as the degree rise decreases the possibility of obtaining

*Nexus Events
Main Event: Enabled
Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination,
Last Man, Deathmatch, Mass Domination.
The system reward is the same of L2PS Events
Mini Event: Disabled

*Vote Event
You have three different site to vote
on the server there is a npc with 3 different options to vote
give you an option and click the system
count 35 seconds to verify
if you conducted the poll by the server
Validate their vote
when you Realize 3 ratings
the system has enabled this option to get your reward
which may be:
-+50% XP bonus item for 12 hours
-item vote
to change from buff to slightly increase its stat or other
-50kk Adena
You could make the vote for the server every
Hopzone: 12 hour
TopZone 4 hour
GameSiteTop200 4 hour
In the banner of the website

=========Record Manager============
This system is to reward players for success described here achieve
for example be hero, will award you with a certain amount of items,
your 3 subclasses Complete, etc.
Awards range from GC and GCM.

agree with the difficulty of success achieved
this increase or diminish
If you can achieve all achievements will receive a special award
20 D!E Coin

Hero every 15 days
Added reward: Item Cloak from hero in monumet of heros.
fixed shop
were added special item shop of hero.
every two days registered noble characters at least once
receive 10 points of Olympiads.
To see the list of fighters
You may display the number of points
of each competitor in each room,
alongside their respective nick game.

=========Nobleza Quest============
After completing this quest, you will receive a
tiara modified for this server and also a noble set
with modified estat
Similarly the vorpal set
but was added buff passive skill slot
the quest of the nobility in HI5 version is very easy Smile

Three subclasses of players
maximum level of subclass: 85
No certification has enabled this quest,
in order not to unbalance combat between main class and sub class.
Subclass Quest disabled.
You will need to learn their skill in the guild of its breed.
If you want to add a subclass guerre, will have to go to the corresponding guild.
You can learn the occupations of its subclass in the respective guild or Queen npc
located in each of the cities.
Needed books to enchant skill.
No needed books to receive additional skill.

the npc armor shop, weapon shop, grocery shop,
are in their original located.
For more information about the npc
find info manager, placed next to each teleport

Seven Signs: Enabled
Birthday Event: Enabled
Hellbound Without Quest: Ok
Geo Data and Path Node: Ok
Announce Mammon Spawn: Ok
Offline Trade: Enabled
Offline Craft: Enabled
Players for Ip: 2
Players for participe Event: 1
Banking System: Enabled
1 GB = 500kk Adena
All Quest Worked
All instances worked
Areas grouped by color
according to the difficulty level and
Bang point system enabled
Added item at the shop Bang Point (NPC Guildsman)

And More...

come and enjoy Smile
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Lineage 2 D!E x50 High Five
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